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Camper23 is not only a rental camper, this place was created to fulfill your dreams. We are a company that was created out of passion for motoring and traveling. Our many years of experience have naturally led to the formation of a company providing rental services and comprehensive organization of recreation known as caravanning. It is not only two families who have been doing business with each other. It is also a group of friends who have been travelling in campers to the most distant parts of Poland and Europe. The connections and experience we have gained during our trips are a guarantee of excellent service and professional preparation of a caravan for your dream trip.

So, experience…

Our advice: only branded and solid campers will guarantee the joy of travelling and comfort. That’s why we have chosen brands with the best reputation. They are characterized by high reliability and have tested interior layouts. Our campers are top-quality vehicles equipped with all the necessary features on the way to adventure.


For your convenience, we have chosen two types of construction that are practical, solid and easy to use:

  • alcove – a bed is located under the driver’s cab.
  • a semi-integra – an electrically lowered bed in the living room.

Both types of campers are designed for families of five.

Our campers offer a higher standard, comfort and conveniences in every way.The materials used in the construction are not only esthetic but you will also appreciate their durability and ease of use.  In accordance with modern trends, vehicles are equipped with internal led lighting and universal, practically arranged USB sockets.

With everything you need…

Cameras and car parking sensors

Yes, the camper can be driven by anyone with a category B driving licence. However, it is a large animal, so for your convenience there are devices installed to make parking and maneuvering, in all conditions, easier.

Additional air conditioning and webasto

In addition to air conditioning in the car’s chauffeur, each camper is equipped with efficient air conditioning. Thanks to this, the volume of our entire camper van is equally cooled. But that is not all!

Since we focus on camper trips also in winter, all our cars have strongly developed winter packages: additional heating, additional heaters in water containers, heating mats and webasto, parking heater to maintain a comfortable temperature when it is freezing outside.

Bicycle racks

We are aware that it is not possible to reach every place with a camper, so it is a brilliant idea to take bikes with you. Sure, for everyone! All our cars have racks for 4 bikes, which saves space inside.

Sunshades, curtains, mosquito nets

All this is on the equipment of our campers. While camping next to the camper you can easily unfold the sun shade to protect yourself from the sun or rain. Folding curtains provide privacy at night or protect the interior from heat. A door mosquito and windows ones are barrier against the invasion of unwanted insects.

TV with DVBT antenna

Yes, yes, of course… in bad weather, travelers play games and absolutely never watch TV. But sometimes, after an exciting day, everyone needs a moment of rest and time for themselves. Some people play the guitar, others share the photos with their friends, and still others just want to lie down and watch some tv. We understand these needs, that’s why the TV is on board and it’s also installed on a boom which it’s super easy to dismantle, take it outside and watch a match in front of the camper.


In order to increase your safety, an gas alarm system is installed in our vehicles, which effectively protects you from theft with using sleeping gas. In addition, safes are attached to the frames of the vehicles, in which valuable items and documents can be stored.

Assistance insurance and support service


All our campers have assistance pack available 24h/7, valid all over the world and with a wide range of services. The insurance provides a replacement vehicle of the same category or accommodation in a 3-star hotel for the time of repair. This guarantees a minimum commitment from your side in case of any accident.

Our support

Our offer is addressed to people who have already started their adventure with caravanning, but also to those who want to start. We want your journey to be great. For this to happen, it is worth choosing a model of the camper to match your individual needs. We offer advice and assistance at every stage of the rental and travel. We also provide a detailed training concerning the use of the camper (even before the trip). We want to make sure that all the facilities and possibilities of the camper will be fully used.

We provide support 24 hours a day.

We encourage you to contact us – we want to tell you about our campers and make sure that our “All inclusive” will meet your expectations.

Check availability and book right now!